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    Colombia Maritime Bill of Ladings
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Why choose SICEX?

We offer imports and exports data of 51 countries. We have over 90 years of experience, our information is reliable, update and complete. The query system is easy to use and flexible, We are at the forefront of technology offering a friendly, efficient and dynamic software. You can search by advance queries, obtain a detail or cumulative report, make comparatives between periods and all of this with Graphics. Easy Download to Excel with only one click. Quick response becouse of the technology we use. You can monitor the usage given to the system. We do a very strict validation process unifing companies, countries and cities before uploading the data to our customers. If you are interested in Colombias trade, we have exclusive data of maritime shipping information obtained from the bill of ladings documents. We are recognized in the market for the quality of our after-sales service.


Added values not found in the market. Access to our exclusive maritime data of Colombia obtained from the bill of ladings documents. It is updated daily!. Get to know fast the arrived and shipped goods through Colombian ports, it gives a detail description of the goods. Analyze shipping companies as Freight Forwarders and Shipping Lines. This is the only data in Colombia that includes goods entering or leaving Colombia Free Trade Zones.

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