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SISMAR USA United States maritime data system

We apply the experience and knowledge of more than 93 years creating high quality, trustworthy and complete maritime information to offer our clients the best U.S. import maritime data.

The Ports, Sea Lines, Sea Agents and Freight Forwarders in Colombia are current subscribers of SICEX. They access daily to our Colombian Maritime Information, being SICEX their principal tool in the business strategies development and market intelligence.

Below we describe some of the benefits of subscribing to our U.S. Maritime Import Data (U.S. SISMAR), also see some added values we offer thanks to the processes we do on data before uploading it, and get to know some features the On-line platform offers.

Why use our SISMAR - USA platform?

Because it contains shipper names, consignee names, foreigns ports of shipment and and arrival ports in the USA.

Because tou are able to obtains better description of de merchandise, amounts, among other field of important information.

For being bill of ladings B/Ls , the source documents, the information is more detailed and accurate.

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    • Analyze the data by cargo type, contenerized or non-contenerized.
    • Analyze the data by the traffic routes offered. Ports and countries of loading versus the U.S. unloading ports.
    • Obtain the market share of the ports, the sipping lines and the freight forwarders, by TEUS (20 feet) or FEUS (40 feet).
    • Filter the data by FCL (Full Container Loaded) or LCL (Less Container Loaded).
    • Identify U.S. company imports.
    • Identify Suppliers selling to U.S. companies.
    • Find products imported to the U.S.
    • Among other benefits.

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    With our database the subscriber will be able to:

    • We unify the data regarding the ports, cities, commercial units, container types and container sizes.
    • We add data fields as TEUS, FEUS and Total Containers so our clients can make market share reports by these criteria.
    • We organize the bill of lading types (Regular, Master and Houses) and we assign to each them the kilograms and the total containers as they most go.
    • Among other added values.

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    The only tool that allows you to know:

    • Get quick search results
    • User-friendly consulting system
    • Intuitive creation reports
    • Multi criteria search by many data fields
    • Save and store reports in an organize way
    • Easy to edit and delete previously created reports
    • Easy to download the data to Excel files
    • Create different type of charts with the data (Bars, Circular or Lineal)

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    It’s an opportune, reliable and complete tool, we count with the biggest customs database from different countries from around the world.

    • Friendly saving reports in folders same as windows-system.
    • Shows the search description used.
    • Easy way to change the search period.
    • Access a multi criteria search filters.
    • Pivot table included.
    • Select and configure different fields and make accumulative reports.
    • Access container detail descriptions.
    • Create different type of charts with the data.
    • Download very easy the data to Excel files.

SISMAR - USA imports maritime data system

The SISMAR release is based on the shipment knowledge. It’s the only release that allows you to analyze the competition with the total number of mobilized containers by size. Brake bulk, liquid and solid in bulk tons. Carry out a research of the traffic routes, shipping agents participation in the seaports. loading agents, import and export companies. This release is needed for the creation of branding strategies, new business opportunities, customer loyalty, and advertising among others.

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