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This plan includes:

  • 1 key access

  • Analysis of information through the software SICEX 2.0

  • Access to SICEXapp

  • Downloads only to PDF format

  • Trainings


Available fields

Class BL, Type BL, State BL, Number of BL, date year-month, date year-month-day, Nit, Importer / Exporter, representative, city, phone number, address, email, Operator of Multimodal Transport, cargo agent, nieto cargo agent, type of consolidation, foreign company, Colombian port, Country international port, international port, subheading, subheading description, product description according to BL, Teus, Feus, Teus FCL, Teus LCL, quantity of stowages, type of stowages, quantity of packaging, type of packaging, weight in Kilos.

This plan DOES NOT include

Shipping agent, shipping, dock, geographic zone, great total teus, great total feus, refrigerated containers and empty containers.

Advantages of this tool


– Industries in Colombia that import and export by sea.

– Suppliers that sell to Colombian companies.

Have Knowledge of

– Participation in the marketing of the Shipping Lines and Freight Fowarders.

– Routes of traffic offered by Shipping Lines and  Freight Forwarders.

– Quantity of containers that move for the different maritime ports.

– Potential of Port societies.

– Which goods enter and leave the maritime ports and the quantities.

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