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SISMAR Colombian Maritime Data System

Electronic on-line release that contains daily information about imports and exports of maritime cargo movements, in the Colombian ports.

Quintero Hermanos gathers and processes the information from the maritime transport documents (Bill of Lading B/L) daily. Including them in the on-line consultations the next business day.

This way we offer the most opportune data in the market.

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    • Since it’s a fully on-line consulting platform, subscribers will be able to access the available data at any time from any place.
    • The data contains the details of the cargo mobilized through the seaports.
    • It’s the only tool that allows you to know the participation in the market by the traffic routes, leading docks, types of cargo such as LCL and Full Container.
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    With our database platform our subscribers will be able to:

    • Explore new market niches, analyze volumes and frequencies.
    • Identify the companies that make waterway imports and/or exports in Colombia.
    • Identify the suppliers of Colombian companies.
    • Inquire about the participation in the shipping lines and freight forwarders
    • Inquire about the traffic routes offered by the shipping lines and freight forwarders.
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    The only tool that allows you to know:

    • The participation in the market by the traffic routes, Colombian seaport along with the foreign one, and the different companies that are involved in the import and export process.
    • The number of containers that are mobilized through the different seaports.
    • Which merchandise comes in and out of the seaports and the quantities?
    • Information about the products that come in or out the Free Zones
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    It’s an opportune, reliable and complete tool, we count with the biggest customs database from different countries around the world.

    • Friendly browsing.
    • Intuitive creation of reports.
    • Drag and drop sorting in the columns of reports.
    • Storage for the reports generated by the user, in a custom classification structure. Each report allows saving the searching criteria and the same order in the blanks.
    • Edition and deletion of the reports created previously.
    • Exporting of reports to a spread sheet (Excel file)

SISMAR (Maritime Data System) - Colombia

The SISMAR release is based on the shipment knowledge. It’s the only release that allows you to analyze the competition with the total number of mobilized containers by size. Brake bulk, liquid and solid in bulk tons. Carry out a research of the traffic routes, shipping agents participation in the seaports. loading agents, import and export companies. This release is needed for the creation of branding strategies, new business opportunities, customer loyalty, and advertising among others.