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What is SICEX?

Sicex, foreign trade system. Thanks to our data reliability, opportunity and updates. Small, regular, big, domestic and foreign companies have their best tool for the design of trading strategies and corporate development with us.

  • Data about imports and exports from 51 countries around the world.
  • We have over 90 years of experience, our data is reliable, updated, complete and opportune.
  • The consulting system is simple and flexible, we have state of the art technology offering the most user friendly, efficient and dynamic software.
  • Fast consulting thanks to the technology we use.
  • It allows you to search using advanced criteria, make accumulated and comparative charts with graphics about periods.
  • We are the only company that offers Colombian maritime data, based on the shipment knowledge (BL’s).

Our customers have said



It’s a tool that allows us to plan our commercial strategies; and also, to have a greater knowledge of the market by understanding with better detail and depth who are the importers, prices, origins and volumes among others. In an easy, fast and dynamic way.

E C C Group

We use SICEX because it contributes to the centralization of the commercial activity, which allows us to access all the needed data to make trades. Due to these characteristics, this portal helps to efficiently benefit from the advantages of the FTA. In addition to help identifying the export and import companies.