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Sample Report


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Sample Report

This is a partial free sample of the available trade data from

  • Country: EU England
  • Exchange: Imports
  • Year: 2013
  • Product Positioning / Product Description: PRECIOUS METALS IN THE COLLOIDAL
Number of DeliveriesDate yyyy-mmDate yyyy-mm-ddCountry of OriginImport ClassProduct HTS/TARICProduct Description by HTS/TARICComcode DescriptionHarmonized Code/Product EnglishHarmonized Code Description EnglishTOTAL CIF Value (US$)TOTAL Net Weight (Kg)Cnq2 Quantity 2Mk Cn Q2Suite IndicatorNivel SitcMk Sitc IndSmk SitcType of RestrictionTransaction INTRASTATIndustrial Plant

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