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Company ID NumberExporter CompanyProduct HTS/TARICProduct Description by HS CodeHarmonized Code/Product EnglishHarmonized Code Description EnglishMeasure Unit 1 (Quantity-1)DUE Reception DateDeclaration Number DUEExporter Document TypeCustoms WarehouseProducto DescriptionProducto Description 2Producto Description 3Producto Description 4Producto Description 5Merchandise ConditionsTOTAL Quantity 2Measure Unit 2 (Quantity2)Product Description by HTS/TARICDate yyyy-mmDate yyyy-mm-ddCountry of DestinationCustomsRegularize DateRegularize YearBankSerie numberType of TransportDate of ShipmentDate Numeration Shipment OrderShipment Order NumberCustoms AgencyPort of DestinyTransport UnityTransport Companyship Registration NumberManifest NumberDescription PackagingTOTAL Quantity 1FOB per Unit (Quantity1)TOTAL Net Weight (Kg)TOTAL Gross Weight (Kg)TOTAL FOB Value (US$)

This is a partial free sample of the available trade data from Peru.
Trade: Exports

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