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Sample Report


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Sample Report

This is a partial free sample of the available trade data from

  • Country: Peru
  • Exchange: Imports
  • Year: 2013
  • Co. ID / Company Name: AVICOLA YUGOSLAVIA S A C
Declaration Number DUIDate yyyy-mmDate yyyy-mm-ddCompany ID NumberImporterCountry of OriginCountry of SalesProduct HTS/TARICProduct Description by HTS/TARICProduct Description by HTS/TARICHarmonized Code/Product EnglishHarmonized Code Description EnglishProduct DescriptionCommercial BrandCommercial NameProduct Description 2Product Description 3Product Description 4Product Description 5Product ModelProduct CharacteristicsMerchandise ConditionsSerie NumberTOTAL Quantity 1Measure Unit 1 (Quantity-1)Measure Unit 2 (Quantity 2)TOTAL FOB Value (US$)FOB Value per Unit (US$)TOTAL CIF Value (US$)TOTAL Net Weight (Kg)TOTAL Gross Weight (Kg)Quantity of BundlesCustomsType of TransportDate of ShipmentShip Arrival DateManifest DateManifest NumberTransport CompanyFreightCustoms WarehouseCustoms Intermediary Agency - SIAImporter DocumentDUI Reception DateCustoms Tariff Ad ValoremSales TaxMunicipal Promotion TaxModification DateType of PackagingType of TreatmentLiberatory CodeBankWay of PaymentPayment DateTérmino de TransacciónTransaction PlaceQuantity 2Supplier

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