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Why choosing SICEX?

We offer data about imports and exports from 51 countries around the world. We have over 90 years of experience, our data is reliable, updated, complete and opportune. The consulting system is simple and flexible, we have state of the art technology offering the most user friendly, efficient and dynamic software. It allows you to search using advanced criteria, make accumulated and comparative charts with graphics about periods; download the results directly into an Excel file without the need to watch them on the screen. Fast consulting thanks to the technology we use. It allows to monitor the usage given to the system. We carry out strict validation processes, we unify companies, countries and cities. We are the only company that offers Colombian maritime data, based on the shipment knowledge (BL’s). We are known in the market thanks to the quality of our after-sale service.


Added values you can’t find in the market. Access to our exclusive maritime Colombian data, based on the shipment knowledge, daily updates!. Consult with greater speed and opportunity the arrived and sailed out cargo in Colombian seaports, with a more detailed description of the cargo. Analyze maritime shipping companies such as Freight Forwarders and shipping lines. Consult data about the merchandise coming in or out the Free Zones.

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